What is MANU?

MANU is a holistic program that supports parents on their way to parenthood. From a positive pregnancy test to the busy everyday life as parents. Both mothers and fathers are included and receive the same possibilities to look back on their lives, think over where they are now and explore their dreams and expectations for their children’s futures.

MANU is an ambitious nationally supported and funded program that is offered to in Greenland and to all parents of children up to the age of four. This includes first time parents, parents with several children, adoptive or foster parents.

The educational models are based on group work, but it is also possible to offer one- on–one sessions for couples or single parents in the smaller cities and villages.

The MANU materials consist of the following modules: Parenting, The Child 1 to 2 years, The Child 3 to 4 years, MANU Hash, MANU Alcohol, MANU Parents Meeting and MANU Town Hall.

Program Concept consist of these

  • Books for parents in Greenlandic and Danish
  • Education/ training manuals for MANU-educators
  • Education/ training materials for Parent Meetings
  • Education/ training materials for Town Hall Meetings
  • PowerPoints for each educational session
  • Assorted teaching materials and tools
  • Animation film for the educational sessions
  •  Animations Vignettes
  • Posters
  • Postcards
  • Children’s books

MANU Parenting Module

Besides the goal for MANU to support the joy of parenting, the meetings also support the challenges parents might meet, when becoming parents.

For example: if the birth has to take place in another community, and the women has to travel alone three weeks before her due date. When parents participate in the parenting module, they have a possibility to prepare for this together. Both the practical aspects, and the emotional challenges this separation can create.

MANU-educators are from municipal and the regional sectors of government. For ex. midwives,community health nurse, educators and psychologists. All educators receive training, during a three – days seminar they are prepared to work with parents in the MANU Concept. They simulate and test the different educational tools in teaching, explore different solution and utilize training sessions throughout different parts of the concept.

MANU parenting module is developed for the Government of Greenland and the Department of Health, in collaboration with Greenlandic experts.

How do you find MANU?
You can register for MANU the first time you are at the midwife or birth assistant in your community.

Did you know that the practical preparations not only are a part of the preparation for the arrival of your child?  It also mentally prepares you to receive the child. The more you think of the child in your everyday life, the more prepared you will be for parenthood.