MANU Town Hall

MANU Town Hall is the possibility to engage your local community in setting focus on the development of a safe and healthy local community for children and youth. MANU Town Hall is geared towards the local community, both young and old.

The materials for MANU Town Hall are created in collaboration with social and health professionals from throughout Greenland. The materials focus on the “inspirational story” and how we locally can contribute to the dreams and desires for our future.

The goal with MANU Town Hall is to:

  • Strengthen parenthood and parental responsibility for our children by activating the resources there are in the local communities
  • Support the collaborations and possibilities for action that already exists in our local communities that have safety and wellbeing for children as a focus
  • Create a forum where reflection and dialogue are about responsibility and dreams for the future

Did you know that older children’s experience and knowledge is an important contribution to Town hall meetings. Therefore, it is important that they are also heard and allowed to participate.