To be born healthy is important for your child – it also important for you and your family.

A child is created from two cells; one egg cell and one sperm cell, that join together. During the first twelve weeks after fertilization, the heart, brain, eyes, arms legs – in fact the complete child is developed. After Week 12 the foster is in fact a little human. Now all it needs is to grow and prepare itself for meeting you.

What does cannabis do to the unborn child?

If you smoke hash/cannabis during pregnancy, your child will also be affected by the chemicals in cannabis. This can have a negative influence on the child’s brain, as the brain is sensitive to the chemicals in cannabis. This can be dangerous for your child. For example, cannabis can have an effect on the areas in the brain that control the ability to remember, think and plan – and therefore the ability to use the brain. Not only while in the uterus, but for the rest of the child’s life.

Hash has become more potent and has more dangerous elements than before.
Therefore, there are many reasons to protect your child from the dangers connected with using ít. MANU Hash was developed to give you, your child and your road to parenthood the best possible start.

May be you think …. “I’m good at taking care of my child” – If you smoke hash you can sometimes forget that you can have trouble planning your everyday life, being present and taking care of yourself when you are under the influence.