MANU Alcohol

Alcohol is one of the most commonly used drugs. But one group that is especially
influenced by the side effects of alcohol is children. This includes both the unborn child in the mother’s womb and children who are brought up in families with alcohol problems.

Children need a safe environment with their parents, where they receive love and are taken care of. Unfortunately today many children do not get the safe upbringing that they have the right to. Research underlines the fact that excessive alcohol use within families is a problem for children, youth and their families. Police reports describe that alcohol is often a defining factor in reported cases of violence, accidents and suicide.

Dialogue, empathy and care are needed to work with parents that have an excessive alcohol use. These same parents often have more than one challenge to deal with in their lives. It means a lot for the parents that we support them in their work with the challenges that they meet along the way. Parents should have the possibility to create the best beginnings with the new arrival in their families.

MANU alcohol will give you, your child and your parenthood a good beginning.

Have you been drinking alcohol during pregnancy? If you are pregnant and drink alcohol, then it is important that you stop your intake of alcohol completely. Research has shown that the more alcohol the mother drinks during pregnancy, the more dangerous it is for the child.