MANU 3-4 years

It’s fun having children of 3 to 4 years old. They develop quickly, and they will surprise you. With questions and thinkgs that you would not expect that a child would think of at that age. At the same time there are so many things that your child cannot do; like controlling his or her temper, when they are angry or sad, nor can they understand why they need to go to bed in the summer, when it is so fun to play outside…

The goal for MANU 3 to 4 years is to support and strengthen the parenting role and responsibility, for the benefit of the child, by:

  • Supporting parents in discovering what the child is interested in and how this influences them as parents
  • Supporting that the child and parents are engaged in common everyday activities, that are enjoyed by both parties
  • Supporting parents in learning how they can stimulate and take part in their children’s play
  • Supporting parents in talking and taking initiatives for and with their children
  • Helping parents to experience that is OK to talk about difficulties and to voice their own feelings
  • Support and strengthen dialogue

Did you know:

  • Children react very spontaneously and impulsively to what they experience and feel.
  • Children during this age often have intense emotions. It is helpful for the child if you talk about the feelings you see the child has.
  • Children have a harder time understanding what time is. That means that for a child it feels like an eternity, before their father comes home, while for us as adults it is only one hour.
  • Children may find it difficult to let adults leave. It seems unsafe when mother or father leaves. So the child may hold onto you and demand that you do not leave it. While other children love to go out and have no problem in saying goodbye to you.
  • The child can often begin to understand what others feel and what they themselves want. Still the child can still act very impulsively