MANU 1-2 years

You have been parenting for more than a year and you have already seen the fantastic development that your child has gone through. Do you remember the newborn – the very first weeks? Trying to find each other and to learn when a newborn should eat and sleep. And do you remember later, when your child began moving, turning over and smiling at you? Now it’s so different, now that you child can move around by themself, and the development continues.

Children are different from each other and so is their development. Some are fast on their feet others learn to speak quickly. While other children use more time to learn both, some children take their time with learning to speak but learn to walk at an early age. Some children have a temper and are strong minded, others are careful and keep to themselves. It is quite normal that there is a big difference between children of the same age.

You have probably already noticed that children are not all the same. They develop at different rates and there is no reason to compare one child to another.

Did you know that all children play from a very early age? Play is one of the most important things for your child’s development. Children play because they think it’s exciting, because they are curious, and because they want to explore their surroundings. Play can be serious, exciting, frightening, give anxiety or be fun –  sometimes all at once.

What type of games/play is your child interested in at this time?

What do you enjoy playing with your child?

The children are our future – your child is our future.

Parenting Sessions

What you do with and for your child influences your child’s development. Everything that you experience together, and with others; f. ex with family members and friends, has an influence on a child’s development. The framework surrounding your family; f. ex. your community, your living situation, how many people live together, crowding, or living with few people. All this influences
which possibilities there are for your child; their possibilities to play, and whether or not they can interact with other children and grownups.

MANU 1-2 years is a parenting session that all pregnant women and toddler’s parents are invited to participate in, including adoptive or foster parents.

There are so many ways to be good parents, and you have the possibility to create the family that you and yours feel comfortable with. The parenting module is a nationally supported and funded program offered to all family units, seeking to support children and families’ health and well being.

Did you know that your child is not always able to do what you ask of them? For example, they cannot control their desire to explore exciting things that are within their reach. For example, you may experience when the child runs away with your sunglasses for the tenth time, although you have kindly but definitely asked them to stop.